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Explore The Goodbye 2022 Capcut Template

Hey there, trendsetters! Ready to kick off those dusty 2022 vibes and welcome a brand-new chapter? So, well, guess what? We have just what you need to make your goodbyes more magical.

Say hello to the Goodbye 2022 CapCut template. If you’re waving goodbye to a year full of memories or planning to ring in the new with a creative twist, these templates will become your new BFFs.

Goodbye 2022 Capcut Template – An Overview

The “Goodbye 2022” CapCut templates are like cool designs for your videos. These templates make saying goodbye to 2022 super fun. There are different kinds, like one for remembering good times, another for exciting countdowns, and even one for getting ready for a new you.

These templates are like a playground for making your videos special. Just choose a template, add your videos and photos, fine-tune them, and you’re ready to show the world!

Top Goodbye 2022 Templates

  1. Goodbye 2022 Welcome 2023

This template is like a colorful hello to the new year. It shows “bye-bye” to 2022 and a cheerful “hello” to 2023 with bright colors and fun animations.

  • 2022 in 100 Photos

Imagine your whole year in just 100 pictures! This template lets you share the best moments of 2022 quickly and excitingly.

  • 2022 Memories Smooth Beat Edit

Get ready to dance your way back in time! This template adds smooth music and cool transitions to your favorite 2022 memories, making them feel like a fun dance.

  • Loading 2022 Recap

Remember how computers load? This template is like that but for your year. It shows a “loading” bar while teasing the best parts of your 2022 journey.

  • 2022 Recap Photo + Video

Combine photos and videos in one go! This template helps mix all your special 2022 moments, making a beautiful story of your year to remember.

How to Use Goodbye 2022 in CapCut

  1. Start by installing the CapCut app.
  2. Visit our website and open the post featuring the “Goodbye 2022” templates.
  3. Look over the list of templates and pick the one that interests you.
  4. Tap the provided link that says, “Use This Template on CapCut.”
  5. When you click on the link, you will go straight to the CapCut app.
  6. Once in the app, import photos and videos from your device’s gallery by tapping the import option.
  7. Customize your chosen template by adding text, stickers, music or adjusting the order of your media.
  8. When satisfied with your creation, click the Export button to save your video.


And there you have it! With the Goodbye 2022 CapCut template, waving farewell to the old and embracing the new becomes an art form. From picking your favorite template to crafting your unique masterpiece, CapCut ensures a heartfelt and unforgettable goodbye.

So go ahead, let your creativity sparkle, and let’s make this goodbye a remarkable hello to new beginnings!

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