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If you love scrolling, then you might have heard the famous song “Starboy” by the very renowned artist “Weekend.” This song has set fire all across social media and streaming platforms. Due to its popularity, this song has numerous edits on social media just like the Habibi capcut template.

If you’re thinking, “How will we use this song in our edits? That’s where we came in handy! Presenting the Starboy Capcut Template! We have selected the best 5 starboy capcut templates that will set fire to your social media.

Right away, let’s start using our guide to make cool videos!

Starboy Capcut Template – An Overview

The Starboy Capcut Template is the secret to your media influencer journey. It gives you a ready-made design, like aesthetic, neon, or slow-mo. You can pick from a lot of different Starboy themes to find one that works for your video idea.

The template will add stunning effects and transitions after adding photos and flicks. It’s a super easy way to make a professional-looking video, even if you’re new to editing.

Top Starboy Capcut Templates

  1. Starboy CapCut Template #1

The first template is super popular because lots of people love using it. It gives off cool black vibes and stands out with its lyrics in the background, making it even more special.

  • Starboy CapCut Template #2

Template #2 is like a girl version of Starboy. It’s perfect for square photos or videos. Just put your pic or video in, and let the template work its magic. Easy peasy!

  • Starboy CapCut Template #3

Here’s the real “Aesthetic” template! It’s a bit shaky, adding a cool effect to your pics. The fast-paced song makes it even better – your fans will love it!

  • Starboy CapCut Template #4

Template #4 is a remix version with shaky transitions and a cool aesthetic filter. Pop in your pics, and watch the magic unfold. It’s like a remix for your memories!

  • Starboy CapCut Template #5

The last template has a noir filter, giving it a classic look. You can add up to 10 pics, and they’ll smoothly transition with this template. Easy and stylish!

How to Use Starboy Template in Capcut

  1. Select the template you like from above.
  2. Click on “Use This Template on CapCut“. It leads you to the CapCut app.
  3. Once you’re in CapCut, look for an option to add media.
  4. Select and import the videos or imagesyou want to use in your project.
  5. Arrange your imported media on the timeline.
  6. Adjust the duration of clips, add transitions, and effects, and make any necessary edits to fit your preferences.
  7. Adjust colors, apply filters, add text, and make any other adjustments to personalize your video further.
  8. Once satisfied with your edits, find the export or save option. Click on export to save the file in device.


So, there you have it. We have listed the best Starboy Capcut template along with the user guide. Now is your moment to shine! Liberate your imagination by creating flaming videos that will amaze your viewers.

These templates are more than simply a starting point; they serve as a canvas for your unique ideas. Happy editing, guys!

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