Auto Velocity on CapCut opens up a world of possibilities.

Auto Velocity on CapCut: How to Use It

Imagine having the power to effortlessly alter the speed of your videos, making them zip like a rocket or flow like a tranquil stream. Well, the wait is over! With a single click, the newly introduced Auto Velocity on CapCut opens up a world of possibilities.

This tool is like a wizard that can magically morph your video’s pace, combining the best speed and slowness in a seamless blend. So, let’s talk about how this tool works.

Auto Velocity on CapCut – An Overview

The Auto Velocity feature in CapCut is designed to modify the pace of your videos effortlessly. With a simple click, this feature enables you to adjust the speed, making your videos faster or slower according to your preferences.

To access this function, ensure your CapCut app is updated. Once updated, locate the Auto Velocity option and utilize the intensity slider to control the speed alteration.

This feature proves particularly useful in enhancing storytelling by allowing users to manipulate the tempo of their videos conveniently and effectively.

How to Use Auto Velocity Tool on CapCut

  1. Launch CapCut and choose “New Project.”
  2. Load the video clip you wish to edit by hitting the “Import” button and choosing the file from your storage.
  3. If you wish to include music in your video, import the music file of your choice using the “Add Music” option.
  4. Adjust the timing of the music to match your video by dragging and aligning the audio track on the timeline.
  5. Go to the main menu or the video layer section within the app.
  6. Once in the main menu or video layer section, locate and open the “Style Menu,” where various creative tools and effects are available.
  7. Find and select the “Auto Velocity” option within the Style Menu.
  8. After selecting Auto Velocity, give the app a few seconds to process and apply the chosen speed changes to your video clip.
  9. Once you’re happy with the Auto Velocity effect, you can export the clip.
Auto Velocity on CapCut
Auto Velocity Capcut template

Why is Auto Velocity Not Available in CapCut?

If you can’t find Auto Velocity in CapCut, it might be because you’re using a previous app version. Make sure you’re using the latest update from your app store.


Incorporating Auto Velocity on CapCut empowers creators to redefine the narrative pacing of their videos effortlessly. This versatile tool adds a layer of innovation, enabling videos to evoke different emotions through controlled speed alterations.

By updating the app and harnessing this tool’s potential, video editing becomes dynamic.

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