Capcut Overlays Guide

Explore Your Creativity with Capcut Overlays Guide

Hey there, digital dynamos! Are you ready to enter the enchanting realm of video editing?Get ready to turn your ordinary clips into extraordinary masterpieces because we’re about to explore the capcut overlays guide.

Overlays might sound like a fancy word, but fear not! We’re here to unravel this creative secret. We will explore the perks of using overlays and even spill the beans on how to use overlays in your videos using CapCut.

So, let’s skip into action and learn how to make your videos pop like confetti!

What is Overlay in CapCut?

Okay, let’s make this easy to understand. Overlays are like special stickers or see-through layers that we can put on our videos. They make our videos look cooler by adding cool things like pictures, words, moving stuff, and fun effects. Overlays make videos more fun and interesting.

What are the Perks of Overlays?

Here come the perks:

  • Expressive Storytelling: Overlays help you convey emotions, context, or messages.
  • Engagement Boost: Viewers love interactive content. Overlays can encourage viewers to engage and react, transforming passive watching into active participation.
  • Brand Bling: If you’re a content creator or a business, overlays can be your brand’s signature style, making your videos instantly recognizable.

How to Add Overlays in CapCut?

  1. Get the App:
Capcut Overlays Guide

First, get the CapCut app from your app store. Once it’s ready, open it up to start creating magic.

  • Begin a New Project:
Capcut Overlays Guides

Start a new project when you’re in CapCut.

  • Import Your Stuff:

Choose the photos or videos you want to work with from your gallery.

  • Open the Overlay Tab:
Open the Overlay Tab Capcut Overlays Guide

Look at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a special tab called “Overlay.” Click on it.

  • Add Your Overlay:

Inside the “Overlay” tab, you’ll find options like “Text” and “Sticker.” You can also choose another photo or video to use as an overlay. Pick the one that makes your video sparkle.

  • Adjust the Look:

Now, make your layer look exactly how you want.Pinch your fingers in and out to make it bigger or smaller. Drag it around to put it exactly where you want it to be.

  • Adjust Timing:
Capcut Overlays Guide Adjust Timing

Drag your overlay onto the timeline. This helps you decide when your overlay shows up in your video.

  • Export:

When your masterpiece is ready, hit the “Export” button. This saves your creation on your device, so you can share it with the world or admire your handiwork.


That’s a wrap, video wizards! With our Capcut overlays guide, you can add that extra pinch of creativity to your videos. From fun drawings to cool text, your videos are about to get super exciting.

So, off you go! Make your videos amazing with overlays and show the world your creative sparkle!

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