How to Add Music to Capcut

How to Add Music to Capcut – An Ultimate Guide

Are you tired of silent videos? Well, fret not because we’re about to drop some knowledge on you! In this guide, we’ll show you the ropes on How to Add Music to Capcut. Whether you’re into catchy tunes or atmospheric melodies, we’ve got you covered.
With Capcut, you can effortlessly set the mood for your videos, whether a heart-pounding action sequence or a heartwarming family moment.
So, let’s get those speakers thumping and those viewers grooving—it’s time to add some music to your Capcut creations!

How to Add Music to CapCut Mobile App

When selecting the right backdrop for your video, CapCut truly shines. The app generously offers a variety of tunes. 

What’s more, the beauty is that these tracks are predominantly copyright-free, granting you the freedom to use them without fretting over potential legal entanglements.

If you’re using CapCut on your phone and want to make your videos even better with music, follow these easy steps:

  1. Start a New Project: Open CapCut and do a new project where you’ll work on your video.
  2. Add Your Pictures or Videos: Put your photos or videos in the project by getting them from your phone’s collection.
  3. Find the Music Option: Look at the icons at the bottom of the screen and tap on the one that looks like a music note. This is the “Audio” option.
How to Add Music to Capcut

4. Choose Your Music: CapCut has two choices for music:

1.CapCut’s Music: They give you some songs you can use.

2.Your Music: You can also use music you have on your phone.

5. Add the Music: If you like a song, press the “+” button next to it. This makes the music part of your project.

How to Add Music to Capcut

6. Make the Music Fit: Move the music along the timeline to match your pictures or videos. This way, the music and the visuals go together well.

How to Add Music to Capcut

7. Make It Perfect: You can make the music sound right with features like Fade In, Fade Out, and Splitting.

How to Add Music in Capcut PC

  1. Open CapCut on your PC and start a “New Project.”
  2. Click on “Media” and choose “Local.”. On the contrary, you can opt for pre-existing sounds that CapCut offers.
How to Add Music in Capcut PC

3. If you have your music file on your PC, select it and click “Import” to bring it into your project.

How to Add Music in Capcut PC

4. Edit your chosen audio to make it just right by adjusting volume, speed, and fading.

5. Move the audio along the timeline to sync perfectly with your video.

6. Make your audio blend seamlessly with your video by perfecting the details you adjusted earlier.

How to Add Music in Capcut PC

7. When you’re happy with your work, it’s time to let it emerge. Hit the export button to share your creation with the world.


As we wrap up our guide, “How to Add Music to Capcut,” remember that adding music to your videos is like giving them a soulful heartbeat. Whether using the mobile app or the PC version, CapCut’s user-friendly features empower you to weave melodies seamlessly into your creations.

So, go ahead and let your videos tell stories not just through visuals but also through the power of music.

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